Thursday, July 27, 2006

A new thing...

It is a new thing that is happening here. The Lord is directing me to create this Blog: Footprint7. Somehow it will form part of my ministry. I will allow Him to guide me, to direct me, and I will be obedient only to Him.

I was lying in bed last night with Barbarah, and we were chatting about how I was always doomed to fail - to die, broken and defeated. Yet through the Grace of God, through the redemptive and finished work of the Cross, by shedding of His Son's blood for me - I HAVE BEEN SAVED!

It was 8 years ago since I gave my life to the Lord. I would never have believed that my life would have changed so much. I am successful, happy, prosperous, and blessed! I have a beautiful wife, and two wonderful children Gabriel (6) and Michaela (4).

I am blessed! I will continue to serve the Lord God Almighty


Blogger Doreen Hardie said...

A year ago if someone had told me Justin would be my best friend, I would have laughed at them.

Life's uncertainties, loss and illness left me feeling low and empty.

Justin never preached to me,advised me or guided me. He just let the wonderful love of Christ that's within him shine through.

He asked me only one question;
"Why do you think you feel like this?"

Immediately I realised that I had let God slip out of my life. Thus the feeling of complete and utter loneliness.

If you need something to lift you up in life, turn your face to our wonderful Lord, He will envelop you in His love, He will give you wings...

Thank you, Justin, for being my friend.

1:16 am  

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