Monday, August 21, 2006

Story: Daddy...

A poor, widowed man was walking down the high street holding his little girl’s hand. It was Christmas Eve and it was bitterly cold. The wind was biting through their threadbare clothes, right to their bones. His daughter was hopping and skipping, cheerfully immune to the cold, as children usually are! She was humming Christmas carols to herself as she excitedly pointed to all the decorations and items on display in the brightly illuminated shop windows. Her father smiled lovingly at her and anxiously nodded from time to time as he looked up at the clear night sky.

He was remembering last Christmas when his daughter had seen a beautiful pink toboggan, a snow sled, with molded handles and a padded seat. It had an arched back support and it was covered in pink ribbons and bells. She so wanted that toboggan, but the man could barely afford a chicken, let alone a turkey, for their Christmas meal. The young father was deeply saddened by their circumstances and yet the little girl seemed to understand beyond her years.

That night, while they had knelt during the Christmas church service, the father had prayed with all his heart that the Lord would help him earn and save enough to buy the toboggan for his little girl next Christmas. He desperately wanted to bless his little darling - his princess.

Through God’s provision, he had managed to get extra jobs during the year and this money he had saved towards his daughter’s present. It had been tough, it had been hard, but by last week - he had enough money to buy her a toboggan! Praise God!

All he could think about now was how his little girl's face would light up when she received her present! He had bought the most beautiful toboggan in the whole store! It was even more ornate than the one she had wanted! The shop attendant had carefully wrapped it for him and had tied a huge pink bow around the gift. He had hidden it away in the highest cupboard in his room, so that she wouldn't find it. He could hardly contain his excitement!

This week the local weather report predicted that there was no chance of snow on Christmas day. Not even one flake! In fact the national weather station had broadcast the same message for the whole of the country.
How crestfallen the young father felt, as he looked up at the sky. His little girl would be so disappointed if she could not use her sled on Christmas day.
"Lord," he prayed, "Last year I asked You to help me buy this gift for my princess. I asked You to provide for me and to help me to save without us going hungry. You have been faithful and have answered my prayers."
"Why then, after all my hard work and sacrifices - is there no snow? I don't understand!"
"Lord, please help my little girl accept that she cannot use her toboggan tomorrow morning, when I give her the gift."

Later that evening as he kissed his little girl good night, he fought back the tears and put on a cheerful face for her. She could sense his anguish, but said nothing. She kissed him hard, and gave him a huge hug;
"Good night Daddy."
"Good night, my princess."

Very early the next morning, he was awakened by a very sweet and gentle, "Merry Christmas Daddy!" Her little face was an inch from his! He pulled her close and squeezed her. As he was about to break the sad news to her, she put her small hand over his mouth and said;
"Daddy - I know we don't have much money - but I got a present for you for Christmas.


The father leapt out of bed and pulled the curtains open. There it was! A crisp, pristine, sparkling white blanket of snow! He could hardly breathe. He smiled, as the tears streamed down his face.
His little angel said;"Daddy, I saw how cross and upset you were with the man on TV when he said that there would be no snow on Christmas Day. So I prayed to Jesus to give you snow for your Christmas present!"


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