Monday, August 21, 2006

Story: The walk...

A young lady was walking with her dog through the park. They had a very special relationship, the dog and her, because she was blind.
One day as they walked in the winter sunshine, she prayed;
"Lord please let me see! Relieve me of this bondage. Give me back my sight and I will do anything for you!"
Suddenly the young lady saw fuzzy shapes and colours before her eyes.
"Praise God! I can see!" she shouted.
She let go of her guide dog and told him to go.
"Shoo! I don't need you anymore!” Then she hurried away, laughing.
As she went she tripped over a rock and hurt her foot. It was painful but she was determined not to let the pain diffuse her excitement and joy. She hobbled on
She hit her head on a low-slung branch of a tree. She fell down dazed and could feel the warm trickle of blood trickling down her fore-head.
"Nothing is going to get me down!" she screamed.
She got up shakily and limped ahead
She came to a road and tried to walk across. A car slammed on brakes and bumped into her hard enough to knock her onto her hands and knees. What agony!
The driver asked her," Are you okay"
"Sure I'm okay. I can see!"
The driver got back into his car and shook his head sadly as he drove away.
The young lady crawled up onto the pavement and sat there. In a burst of frustration she blamed the Parks Department for the layout of the park, for the lack of pruning and no fences on the side walk. Next she blamed the drivers of the cars for their wild driving.
"Why have you done this to me?" She shouted at God.
"I can see, but everything is going wrong. I've been hurt and I have had more accidents today than when I was blind." She was crying now.
All of a sudden a cold, wet nose lifted her elbow. She flung her arms around her faithful companion’s neck. He had returned, as if out of nowhere, to her side to comfort her. She nestled her face in his soft, warm fur. She felt secure again.
The Lord asked her; “Why did you not let me finish the work I had started? Why did you assume that your healing was complete when it had only just begun? Why did you shun the one friend you trusted and loved the most? Why did you not wait for me to show you my Glory and Power?”
“You just ran off!" the Lord continued. “Your dog, your guiding friend, watched you fall but you didn't need him anymore. You blamed Me and the world around you for your own impatient behaviour! You told everyone that you could see again but your actions showed them otherwise. We all had to stand there and watch you stumble.”
"Now, if you'll allow Me - let Me finish the work I have begun in your life. Hold on fast to your faithful friend who will guide you as you venture out into life. Then one day you will see more than the physical world around you - you will see My Glory."


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