Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Winds of Change...

I was lying in bed last night listening to the wind howling, and the Lord spoke to me and said:

"Listen to the wind. It symbolises the winds of change I am bringing to you, to the church, and to your city. It is a fresh, strong wind that is blowing away all the stagnant, dirty, and polluted air in your life. The wind has to be strong, because there are bad attitudes, unforgiveness, and stale / limited perceptions of who you are. The air of guilt, shame, and condemnation were hanging heavily in the air. I am not the Prince of the Air - the devil, but the Creator of the Wind, and I determine now, that this Wind of Change will bring a newness to your lives. Stand and face the wind. Feel it blow all those 'old things' away. Feel it refresh and strengthen your Spirit.

It is your choice, I am giving you the opportunity to embrace the Winds of Change. It may not be comfortable now, but the rewards in Me will be great!

Feel My Spirit blow through yours, as it tears away at those things which would seek to distract you from who you really are.

Victorious! Triumphant! Overcomers!
Prosperous! Healed! Joyful!

This Wind of Change will bring a newness to your marriages. It will bring refreshing to old relationships. It will strengthen your Spirit, and bring peace.

Hurricanes, Tornados, Typhoons, Cyclones, Gales: these describe strong and powerful winds. None is as powerful as my Wind of Change.

Embrace it! Have faith, and hold onto Me. After all, a Father holds onto the hands of His children in strong winds.

Shea ghi thenabastighi shua ga.

I AM!"