Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Story: The penguin who wanted to fly...

As the Antarctic wind’s icy fingers stroked the egg beneath a warm underbelly. Fine fractures appeared, and soon became cracks in the mottled egg’s shell. After struggling for a while, the chick pushed her dark grey head through the membrane, blinked a couple of times and croaked;
The downy underbelly moved, and raised itself, allowing a gust of frigid air to envelop the emerging chick. A huge yellow iris appeared from above and focussed on the little one.
“Hello dear! It’s Mama!”
So the parent child relationship began…

A few days after Penny freed herself from her capsule, she was allowed to peek at the world around her. The first thing she saw, as she peered out from under the cosy ‘roof’ into the steel grey sky, was an albatross. Its huge wings lifting it, on unseen cushions of air. It was so beautiful and graceful!
“Yes dear?”
“Will I look like that, when I’m big?” asked Penny.
“Why no, Penny! You’re a penguin!” Penny’s mother chuckled.

A little confused, Penny asked;
“What’s a penguin?”
“You’ll see!” replied her Mama.

More and more Penny was left exposed to drizzle, sleet, snow and freezing winds, as her mother went in search of pilchards and squid. Penny stared in horror as terns and gulls attacked the grey downy chicks around her. She ducked on several occasions as the enemy swooped down to prey on the helpless offspring that dotted the landscape.

Penny’s yellow eyes always widened and stared (distracted), at the gliding albatross that soared overhead.
“I wish I could fly like that! I don’t want to be a stubby, waddling penguin with funny wings. I want to be an albatross!” Penny dreamed.

Penny whined, and moaned to her mother every day;
“I want to fly! It’s not fair – look at me – I want to be an albatross! I want to fly!”
Mama always smiled sadly and patiently encouraged the young chick;
“You’re the most beautiful penguin in the whole world. You are special, and unique! Learn to love who you are, not what you’re not.”

After six weeks Penny, who was now a young adult, stood in front of her mother. She was beautiful! She had sleek, black feathers which reflected a rainbow of colours in the weak Antarctic sunshine.
“Oh my!” exclaimed Mama, “You’ve grown into the most beautiful penguin in the colony! I have never seen anyone as exquisite as you!”
Penny dropped her head ashamedly and mumbled;
“I’m not an albatross, and I’ll never fly”.
Penny’s mother got cross and retorted;
“I agree that you are not an albatross. You’ll never be an albatross! You can be the best, the most beautiful penguin though! Follow me…”

So Penny waddled after her Mama, sheepishly, until they got to the rocky sea shore. She bounded, hopped and stumbled her way over to where the water ebbed and flowed upon the stones.
Mama turned to Penny and commanded;
Penny looked at her mother, then the sky, then at her stubby wings which she waved half-heartedly.
Mama pushed her into the sea, and Penny screamed in terror;
“Mama! I am all wet and I’ve told you I can’t fly!”

“Please trust me! Come…!” implored Mama as she disappeared beneath the wavelets.
Penny was afraid, yet she followed her mother.

She took a deep breath, plunged beneath the surface…and flew!

You are wonderfully and fearfully created in the Lord’s image! You’re a beautiful jewel created by the Hand of God. When you look into the mirror, look carefully, because you will see the fingerprints of God all over you! He created you to be beautiful! You are beautiful! If you have doubts about yourself, remember the Penguin who wanted to fly…


Blogger Doreen Hardie said...

Thank you so much for inspiring,and helping Claire during some difficult times in her life.
She is certainly growing into a beautiful young woman, both spiritually and physically.
I know that you will continue to uphold her needs in prayer. May God bless you and the good work you do for others.

From a grateful mother, your friend,

5:46 pm  

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